Look at your favorite game characters naked
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Source Filmmaker (SFM) is a tool by Valve that allows you to create movies using the Source engine. The community has created many characters from their favorite games that you can import and animate. A good part of these models are... lire la suite...
[Citor3] The Chair is now compatible with the CV1 and Vive
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Citor3 is a VR studio that we already introduced in a previous article. With their upcoming experience Femdomination, they chose a different orientation that what we are most often used to with VR adult content. Indeed, this time you... lire la suite...
Project Sansar, successor of Second Life, will allow adult content
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Project Sansar is the code name for the official successor of Second Life by Linden Lab. While Second Life was rendered compatible for DK2, it was far from optimized for virtual reality. On the contrary, Project Sansar has been thought... lire la suite...
[Pornulus Rift] A sexy MMD show for the Oculus Rift CV1
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The luckiest ones of you may already have received one of the commercial Oculus Rift or HTC Vive and are looking for content to enjoy them. The number of demos or games is still limited for now, but new ones are being created or old ones... lire la suite...
[Citor3] Your first sexual hypnosis by a virtual dominatrix
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Femdomination: The Chair by Citor3 has to be the best and most complete VR demo for adults I've tried so far. It has high quality animations, graphics and sounds, and it is a finished experience with a narration and a coherent... lire la suite...
Bon Plan
[BaDoinkVR] Try your luck to win a Samsung Gear VR
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BaDoinkVR, one of the main studios producing VR porn videos at the moment, is feeling really generous these days.   During Cyber Monday, they offered a discount on their membership to thank the readers of the subreddit /oculusnsfw/... lire la suite...
Free videos for the launch of
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A very short news to let you know that for its launch and for Black Friday, the website KinkVR is offering you VR porn videos regularly until December 25th if you register freely on their page (one new video per week, the next one is on... lire la suite...
[Marc Dorcel] Be a pornstar surrounded by five actresses!
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Marc Dorcel, one of the major porn movies production companies in Europe and known for the classy atmosphere of their scenes, released recently two short videos for virtual reality. They showed some interest in this new medium for a little... lire la suite...
Fallout New Vegas in VR with adult mods: populate the Mojave Wasteland with your deepest fantasies
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The Fallout games (at least 3 and New Vegas) are already great experiences in VR: you can wander in ruins, look around to scavenge, immerse yourself in your character... You can easily spend hours (warning: poorly justified self... lire la suite...
[Naughty America] Huge sales for Labor Day
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Breaking news: Naughty America is having sales for Labor Day! And I'm not talking small sales just for the show, I'm talking super cool sales. The sales last until Tuesday September 8th at 9 am PST and will allow you to pay 5.95$... lire la suite...
Three demos by developer PornulusRift
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PornulusRift is a developer who is very active on Reddit. Most of his demos feature characters from Miku Miku Dance in anime like environments. I already wrote about one of his best demos, and today I wanted to introduce some more of his... lire la suite...
Are you a developer or a 3D artist? Join a Reddit team and work on a NSFW demo!
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The subreddit r/oculusnsfw has witnessed the creation of many VR demos for adults by some talented developers, some of which we wrote about in previous articles. Their example inspired many Redditers, and they thought: why not doing the... lire la suite...
Japanese VR porn has finally arrived!
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With the large number of VR demos for adults produced by Japanese developers, many people wondered why there was no VR porn movies from Japan. And there it is, it finally arrived! And as ever, it is full of crazy surprises! is... lire la suite...
Ethical alternative VR porn by Metaversexxx
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Metaversexxx has been working on VR porn for at least four months. But when I checked at this time their website was still under construction. I just checked it again and it happened to be live! So it is time for an article to introduce... lire la suite...
[VRTube] VR Cam shows are now open
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Express news for those of you who wish to attend VRTube's next show on August 18th. A few days ago VRTube officially opened its holographic VR cam shows. We are already two shows in: the first was a private show with Ela Darling, the... lire la suite...